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From the desk of: Len Koski

Dear Friend (You can put any name that describes your reader),

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Savvy Internet Marketers Know How Important A Large Opt-In Mailing List Is But Many People Struggle To Get The Numbers Required To Truly Become Wealthy Online

Of course there are ways to make money online without an opt-in list but they often require extensive time and loads of money. Every successful marketer has an opt-in list of hundreds and even thousands of prospects. When you focus on building your list you will achieve the very same results that the "gurus" achieve but without the expense.

With this special package you will be able to:

  • Get more signups than ever before.
  • Accelerate all your marketing efforts.
  • Skyrocket your online income.
  • Reach your potential customers with ease.
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Professionally designed Opt-In Boxes are one of the key secrets successful marketers use to grow their lists like crazy. They combine great offers with these attractive boxes and prospects just can't resist!

You can have your very own set of professionally designed opt-in boxes without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars doing it!

Discover The Easy To Use System

Opt-In Magic Template Pack

If you can click on a mouse, you can use this system.


When you consider that opt-in forms and landing pages can cost anywhere between $100 - $200 then you quickly realize how this expense adds up. It's much easier to just try and "do-it-yourself". Unfortunately, that often leads to poor conversions on your page.

Here's everything that's included below:

Ten (10) complete opt-in templates that are built for fast-setup. These attractive templates where designed to accelerate your marketing efforts and increase your mailing list quickly. There are absolutely no graphics to edit. All you have to do is copy and pase the text into your page!

    Below are the screenshots of each template. Just click on them to view the full-size screenshot.

Three (3) Sleek Testimonial Boxes: Your prospects will be more confident in their potenial purchase when they can read or hear what your previous customers had to say. Using testimonials dramatically increase your sales. Using these boxes will attract additional attention to your page and will easily convert prospects into customers.

Below are the screenshots of each testimonial box.

Five (5) Graphic Sales Letter Templates: When you to launch your next campaign or new product use these graphic salesletter templates to quickly and easily get started. Some basic guidelines on writing a salesletter are included within each template. Also included is a testimonial box and order button so you can see how everything is setup and so that you can quickly complete your next salesletter without spending a dime on design costs!

Five (5) 3-D Order Now Buttons: You get five buttons that will help you increase sales conversion on any of your existing pages. Simply copy and paste and you're all set! The buttons are not shown to size.


No-Risk, Iron-Clad 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with this template package, simply contact me and I will isue you a refund immediately. No questions asked!

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Best Regards,

Len Koski


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